Yacht sanitization, Ozone treatments

Sanitization, nautical product, disinfection public and private areas.



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Decreto 29/07/08 nav

Decreto 29/07/08 nav

Sanificazione automezzi

Sanificazione automezzi

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Environmental sanitization

Sanitization of different areas both public and private.Sanitization within the nautical sector. Ozone treatments
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Technical assistance and products

Nautical carpentry services, Nautical accessories, nautical planning and components
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Fire safety training courses, first aid courses, crew training, Scuba diving training courses, specific risks training courses
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Health & safety advice in the workplace

First inspection, assistance and issue of a document of evaluation of the risks analysis
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Iacomelli Ricerche Avanzate (Iacomelli Advanced researches) is a company which hails from ten-years experience in the nautical sector and from over thirty years experience in the water-treatment sector and it represents the answer to the different issues occurring on board of boats and in different environments.
Besides carrying out environmental consulting services, training courses and selling nautical components, the main purpose of this company revolves around a new and innovative service which is environmental sanitization.
Thanks to our ongoing research into the latest technologies and our expertise in the chemical and biological sector, a team of qualified professionals is available for the sanitization of different areas in order to prevent, identify and eradicate viruses and bacteria (among which: Legionella, Salmonella, Listeria, Norovirus etc) molds, mites and bad odours
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