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Environments Public and Private


The quality of the air that we breathe and of the surfaces that we touch is of paramount importance for the well-being and the health of the people who live, work or spend a great deal of time in the adjacent area.

The ministry of the environment has defined indoor pollution as any alteration of the chemical, physical and biological properties of the air which is determined both by the changes of its ordinary constituents and above all by the presence of extraneous substances which may cause damage and/discomfort to man.


Special attention needs to be given to the tourist accommodation facilities: hotels, Spas and campsites are at high risk of biological contamination, and the most serious problem is caused by Legionella for two reasons: first because of the continuos exchange of people and animals staying at these locations and second because of the extension and the configuration of the water and air-conditioning systems.

There are different kinds of the Legionella bacteria and they can all cause infectious diseases to the respiratory system (Legionellosis)..Statistically, this disease could be lethal with a percentage of 5-15% with a higher risk for children, elderly people, smokers etc.

This disease is  contracted through the inhalation of tiny water droplets (aerosol), therefore through contamminated water, air-conditioning plants (because of the condensation and the water collecting basins which are not periodically disinfected, turkish baths or anywhere where there is stagnant


Iacomelli Service investigations aim at evaluating, through a preliminary inspection, the alterations of the micro-biological properties of the air and surfaces paying specific attention to the air-conditioning and water systems which will then be restored to the usual standards of health and hygiene thanks to the sanitization treatment


The sanitization treatment will be carried out at the beginning of the season when there is nobody staying at the hotel at least during the treatment of the water circuit and air-conditioning system.

Two step for a perfect Sanitization:

The sanitization process is going to be carried out through steps: Initial inspection during which the features of the water and air-conditioning plants will be examined and test samples will be taken  to be analysed in the laboratory

  1. Mechanical and chemical sanitization

  2. Ozone treatment in order to eradicate the micro-organisms which survived the first sanitization and to include those areas which are most difficult to reach including the water pipes.

In order to make sure the sanitization process is successful, we are going to take samples in  the same areas as the initial inspection and as long as the test results are within the health and safety standards, we are going to issue a certificate for an efficient and successful sanitization.