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Training Course

corsi di formazione

Training Course

Training course for the information of the workers on the health hazards concerning the company (D.Lgs.81/08)

Artcles 36,37,38 of the D.Lgs 81/08 demand that the company director makes sure that each of his workers receives a suitable and adequate training on Health and Safety paying special attention and consideration to the worker's workplace and activity within the company.

Iacomelli Ricerche Avanzate courses include the following:

    • Health and safety training course (D.Legs 81/2008)
    • Using machinery which involve computers
    • Chemical hazards training Course
    • Noise Risk training course
    • Manual handling of loads training course
    • Handling and managing DPIs training course


corsi antincendio

Fire Safety Courses

Iacomelli Ricerche Avanzate is able to organize fire safety courses at high, medium or low risk according to the Hazard Classification of the company which is interested in doing it. Such courses are going to deal with the basic topics on fire, on how a fire occurs, the main protective measures, the procedures to be followed in an emergency. In the High and medium risk courses a practical training concerning the use of fire extinguishers is included

Low risk course       :4 hours
Medium risk course    :8 hours
High risk course   : 16 hours

corsi pronto soccorso
First Aid Courses

ESA First Aid, is a first aid course where anybody without any previous qualification can apply. The certification which is going to be issued once the training is complete is valid internationally and also for the D.Lgs 81/08. This training course is structured so that the participants are able to deal with a variety of cases and accidents at home, at work or in public and private areas. The topics which will be discussed will be: the basic life support (BLS) up to Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), including theory and practice on the dummy.

Course ESA First Aid + D.lgs 81/08: from 12 to 16 hours

Corso ESA First Aid: 12 ore

corsi prevenzione contamincaizoni
Biological contamination course

This course, which is completely organized by our company, includes a training of about 12 hours both in theory and practice in order to learn the basic information on the prevention of biological contamination. Besides informing the crew on which are the preventive measures to adopt in order to avoid contamination, during this course, the most common pathologies, the contamination agents and the elements due to which contamination occurs, are examined.

corsi sub

Scuba diving courses

(ESA-PADI) from the beginners level (Open water) to the Diveleader Instructor level . A scuba diving certification is one of the most important qualification for those living at sea and it represents a solution to a number of minor problems which might occur, not to mention the possibility of exploring the seabed of the most fascinating places all over the world. Our company, with the help of professionals with over 10 years scuba-diving training instructor's experience, gives the opportunity to crews, ship owners and guests of taking part in scuba-diving courses at all levels all over Europe, Red Sea, Canary Islands, caribbean. The Diveleader and Prolevel instructor certificates are especially recommended for those who want to improve their C.V and they give the opportunity of personally taking scuba-diving the guests on board.

Smile Diver
Simple and versatile course dedicated to  children from 8 years old onwards. It includes a theoretical part, the development of some simple exercises in confined water and a diving exploration breathing from the regulator right underwater, all under close supervision of an ESA Instructor. The participants will receive a Kit which will include the Diploma, the Smile Diver Card and a cartoon called Esa Smile Diver Story which is going to explain in a simple but effective way the correct approach and procedures for a safe scuba diving experience.The ESA Smile Diver Card allows to carry out the activity, under close supervision of an ESA Professional, for 21 days from the release date.

ESA Easy Dive
Underwater activity introduction program chosen by those who want to try before deciding  to attend the course, or by those who don't  have much time and who wish to explore the underwater world in low water and under the supervision of an ESA Professional. The participants will receive a Kit which will include the Easy Dive Diploma, the Easy Dive Story and the Easy Dive Card. The Easy Dive Card which is valid for 21 days from the release date, will allow the participants to carry on the scuba diving activity under close supervision of an ESA professional. There is also the possibility of attending the following courses: ESA New Diver and ESA Open Water Diver, within 21 days from the date of release of the ESA Easy Dive Card and getting credits for the above mentioned courses.

ESA New Diver (EN 14153-1)
This certification can be chosen by those who want to have a gradual approach with the diving activities or prefers to dive under the supervision of a diving professional in shallow water (10 meters). The course consists of 2 academic lessons, 2 confined water sessions and 2 open water dives

ESA Open Water Diver (EN 14153-2)
This course gives all the theoretical and practical knowledge to be able to safely dive within 18 meters with at least another diver with an Open Water certification or more. It includes 5 academic lessons, 5 confined water sessions and 4 open water dives.

ESA Advanced Diver
During this course the diver learns the fundamental techniques concerning different diving topics such as : diving with a computer, buoyancy control, uw navigation, deep diving and night or naturalist dives.

ESA Prevention & Rescue Diver
This course includes the fundamental techniques and information in order to prevent or collaborate in a diving rescue operation. It consists of 6 academic lessons and 4 practical units form the course. A minimum of 20 dives is required before starting the course

ESA Specialty Diver
There are several diving areas where it’s possible to get a Specialty Diver certification. The purpose of these courses is to deepen the knowledge and the practical abilities in order to suitably plan and carry out a dive in  new environments or with new techniques.
ESA First Aid
The course provides the fundamental information to help other people in case  an accident occurs. A simple but efficient programme explains which simple action can be taken in order to give a little but efficient, and often very important, support during an emergency.

This level is a combination of these three certifications: ESA Prevention & Rescue + 3 ESA Specialties + First Aid; in addition the divers need to prove they have completed  at least 60 dives. The ESA Hi Diver certifies the most exhaustive recreational diving training

Professional Training Courses:

- ESA Diveleader (EN 14153-3)
- PADI Divemaster
- ESA Assistant Instructor (EN 14413-1)
- ESA Open Water Instructor (EN 14413-2)
- ESA Specialty Instructor First Aid
- ESA Instructor Diveleader Instructor
- ESA Prolevel Instructor

For further enquiries, plase contact our ESA Course Director: Eleonora Iacomelli ESA CD 0012
Mob: +39 346-6913454

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